Play Online Poker with Real Money at FTRpoker

By | February 13, 2018


Where’s the fun in playing poker without real money? At FTR poker you can play poker with real money and win real cash! With our secure deposit and cashout options, we provide the safest and the most trusted platform to play online poker in India.

Real Money Deposit & Withdrawals

To deposit money, go to ‘cashier’ and click on ‘Deposit”. You will be directed to a secure page, where you can make the payment online. Make your deposit and start playing!

To withdraw, go to ‘cashier’ and click on ‘cashout’. You will be directed to a secure page where you need to enter the amount to be withdrawn and provide your bank details with PAN card no. You will receive your funds after all the details have been verified.

We have a great team of trained professionals to help you out with any difficulty you may face in playing Online Poker for real cash. You can call our support no. at anytime between 11 AM and 7 PM on any day of the week. They will be there to solve any query you have regarding our platform or policies.

We are licensed to provide these gaming services in India, and that playing poker on FTRpoker is completely legal with the exceptions to the rule being the states of Assam, Orissa and Telangana. Any amount that you may win playing on FTRpoker is paid out to you with the taxes deducted at source and duly paid to the Government of India.

We have taken great steps to ensure that once you start playing on our platform, all you need to worry about is the game itself, and nothing more.

FTR Poker Promotions

At FTR Poker, players can enjoy a vivid range of promotions to win real cash and other prizes. Players can play texas holdem poker online and compete in ‘Top Hand of the Day’ to win a surprise prize. Only hands with four of kind aces and above will qualify for this promotion. If a player thinks, he has got a top hand; he needs to mail the hand details with a screenshot to FTR Poker to qualify for the promotion.

Other than this, the players at FTR Poker can claim prizes based on their leaderboard standing on Bankroll Challenge. The leaderboard ranks the players on the basis of hands played and the amount of chips won. If a player is having a bad time playing cash games especially in case of bad beats with Quad 8’s, he can claim Bad Beat Jackpot. The jackpot can be claimed only on specified tables with at least 4 players involved in the game.

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